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BlogHouse v1 Release

With the release of BlogHouse v1 comes a lot features to cover ranging from a reputation system with leaderboard, feeds, a restful api, and so on!

The release:

I wasn't planning on delaying the release for so long but i had some priorities and concerns IRL that i passed successfully, so i immediatly resumed the project and started working on the final features, the development went smoothly and thanks to the contributors it was pretty fast as well.

I've tried to put as much features as possible for this release and make this a unique website with a unique user experience, me and the contributors have done a significant amount of work to make this site as user friendly as possible on all devices.


BlogHouse introduces a lot of features to the blogging world and the bloggers in general:

  • 1- A smart search engine to find users or post with the query you are looking for.
  • 2- Different ways to start off your blogging journey: you can either make a BlogHouse account or sign in using GitHub or Discord.
  • 3- A feed to keep track of what your followed bloggers do, such as creating posts, editing them or follwoing others.
  • 4- An api for our developer friends ( we will add more stuff we promise).
  • 5- Different pages to browse when you're bored.


Since we've spent so much time and effort working on this sick project, we would like to achieve some goals that will cheer us up to continue development:

  • [] A decent amount of users (maybe 15-30 registered accounts that would be dope).
  • [] A decent amount of posts (our database is gonna be crying but your enjoyment matters more to us).

Plans for the future:

We'd like to improve the quality of our product and make the best site you ever visite on this virtual world, we want to make this your happy place.

  • We're planning on making a chat room system where you can chill and talk to other bloggers and share your experience with them, thank them for their efforts and their inspiring posts (inspire each other)
  • Improving the api to make it more useful for the devs, right now you can only use it to retreive data, nothing too extreme like making a post using code or something (stay tunned for that), also a rate limiting system to prevent the bad people and the spamming bots.
  • A rewrite in a different framework to ensure the best user experience, the best security and the best performance.

Happy blogging!

avatar By decc00n

5 months ago